Guidelines for Formatting Wiki Entries on Individual Adaptations Edit

The goal is to create an overview page that does not simply restate information that is already readily available online.

Wiki entries for individual adaptations must be 1,500-1,700 words with no more than 300 words of summary/synopsis.  The entry should be structured as follows:

  • Brief intro (100 words maximum).  The intro should not have a heading. You should draw on technical information here including year, directors/writer/illustrator, availability of the adaptation.  Be sure to include the date.

  • Synopsis (300 words maximum).  Outline the basic premise of the work.  Do NOT include in-depth summary of the plot or characters.

  • Major Themes (approximately 200-300 words each).  Choose 2-4 major themes amplified in this adaptation and discuss them in relation to the novel and other adaptations of this narrative.

  • Reception (100 words maximum). Was this adaptation critically acclaimed or panned by most? Provide a brief overview. Did it win/get nominated for any awards?

  • Significance of Adaptation (300 words or more). Give the reader a sense of were the adaptation fits alongside other adaptations in this narrative’s cultural history. How does it engage with other adaptations? What are its most notable/unique aspects? Has it influenced other adaptations? Does it feature actors/production with high visibility/cultural capital?  What is new about it?

Also include:

  • At least one image at the opening of the page (with caption explaining/citing the image). You may use more images, but make sure they are all cited.

  • List of references/links to sources, including links to relevant websites.

  • Link your entry to the corresponding list of adaptations/landing page.